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Healthcare/Medical Certification Training in Harker Heights

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"A Three Weeks Only    Seminar. The  Last Day of the Class is the National Examination"

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Phlebotomy Technician Seminar

The Phlebotomy Technician Program prepares students classroom and laboratory theories in various techniques to perform blood collection, labeling, and transporting specimens which necessary for diagnosis and care of the patient. The program covers the healthcare setting; the overview of the human anatomy body; blood collection procedures; and special procedures; including the infection control and medical terminology. After completion of the program student may find work in the laboratories, clinics, and hospitals .


  • Minimum Age: Eighteen (18) years old
  • Proof of a prior medical education of any kind or one year work related experience (a letter of endorsement from employer is required)
  • 2 Forms of Government IDs
  • BLS (Basic Life Support)
  • Royal Blue Scrubs

Prospective students must pick up the book, study guide and online practice exam one week before the seminar starting. After completion of the seminar, student must register at to take the Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT) national examination.

The intent for this seminar is for students to take and/or pass the national certification. After completion of this seminar, student will be eligible to take the national certification to become Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT). This seminar consists of lectures and completes at least 40-45 live venipunctures (blood drawn) and capillary (finger) sticks, and can be completed within three weeks, 4 hours per day.

This exemplary seminar is to fill the employment needs of clinical laboratories, provide high quality training for a diverse student population and to prepare them for traditional and emerging roles as Certified Phlebotomist Technicians. The student will be trained to perform a variety of blood collection methods using proper techniques and precautions including: vacuum collection devices, syringes, capillary skin puncture, butterfly needles and blood culture specimen collection on adults. Emphasis will also be placed on infection prevention, proper patient identification, proper labeling of specimens, and quality assurance. 

This seminar can lead to an additional employment opportunities advancing in the health care field. The last day of the seminar, student will then take the CPT exam that consists of 110 multiple-choice questions, with 100 of those items being scored. Students are allotted 110 minutes to complete the exam via computer.

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